A little about me.

I am an upbeat, enthusiastic graphic artist and designer. I LOVE design and DREAM in color!
I get wildly excited about all of the tiny details that make such a HUGE impact and lasting impression. I have a keen eye for layout, typography, color harmony and excellent attention to detail. I am a self-starter, planner, and organizer. I prefer quality over quantity, time for exploring design strategies, and I like to see things through to completion.

Random facts:

* My favorite color is turquoise.
* My second favorite color is turquoise.
* I went to Permian High School. Ever heard of┬áthe book “Friday Night Lights” or hit series “Friday Night Lights?” Odessa, TX to be specific. I used to say “hey y’all” but after living in places that favor different things, I’ll often find myself saying. “Hey, you.” “You all.” “Y’all guys.” Either way, I say it, it still comes out Texas friendly.
* I’ve attended six different colleges. No, not by choice, but because that’s how many it took in order for me to complete my degree. #Militarybratlife #milspouselife #pcsseason
* I am a Libra.
* I love dogs. Pitbulls Rule. I love chihuahuas too.
* I’ve lived in two other countries.
* I have four siblings, two dads, a chihuahua, a pit bull and two kiddos. They are not listed in any particular order but, Jack, my little monster, would tell you differently.
* My favorite thing to do is travel. When adventure calls… Answer!
* Texas born, but Cali for life.

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