Meagan Herigstad, a military spouse, Photographer, and her new branding package.

It always starts with an idea and a passion for practicing an art or skill. Meagan Herigstad is no different. A military spouse, looking to pursue a passion that travels with her, where ever the anchor may drop.

Meagan is an amateur photographer living in the San Diego area. She is a NAVY military spouse, full-time government worker, and a mother. Megan loves photography. It is a hobby that allows her to give back some of the good, to the community from which she has received.

Meagan’s passion for photography started back in 2015. She also volunteered her time providing free photography services to owners and their four-legged friends, at dog shows. Meagan has a love and passion for American Bullie breeds.

A fellow mil-spouse, furr-baby lover, and bully-breed mommy myself, I saw an opportunity to help a fellow military spouse grow her business.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting a pic of my babies. Roxy on the left, her brother Jack, my husband and myself at dog beach, in our current duty station, in Coronado, CA.)

To see Meagan’s logo, icon, and branding package just click here
Megan Herigstad Style_Guide

To learn more about me and the services I provide  Click Here

Meagan provides photo sessions to document all of life’s special occasions, and at a relatively inexpensive cost. Please check her website for up to date schedules, prices, and other information.

“I am just a small-time photographer looking to capture your big moments.” – Megan Herigstad. (All information was obtained from Meagan’s website.”

Contact Meagan


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