A commercial for yoga using Adobe’s AfterEffects.

My design, explained.

The purpose of this project was to create an organic TV commercial for a local yoga studio. The commercial will serve multiple purposes. The client is trying to expand her business, tell people what the benefits of yoga are, and get her business name out there. She would also like to use this commercial on her website, as well as share it on social media.

The target audience’s age is broad, but the geographic location narrows it down quite a bit. It consists of local residents who live in the area. Occupations will vary, and so will other personal interests. The age group ranges greatly. It includes school age children who are looking or are being required to participate in physical activities, high school and college students, working adults, stay at home parents, retiree-aged adults and elderly adults. Most will be interested in health, living a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, lowering stress levels, finding deeper meaning, a sense of calm, balance, strength and inner peace.

1) Business and Instructor name recognition.
2)  Educating locals about the benefits of yoga practice.
3) Create a simple, clean, cute animated commercial that is to the point and social media friendly.

The proposed content includes: images that give the visual of chaos, peaceful serene music, a calm and peaceful voiceover, images of yoga poses or names of yoga poses will be used. Possibly sounds of chaos, the ocean, and peaceful sounds. The client would like an organic, eco/ granola vector artwork feel.

In summary, this commercial emphasizes all of the client’s goals. After this commercial is viewed, and heard, it would also be used in an audio format for this commercial and to create a radio commercial. Name recognition would be achieved over time, and by hearing it both as a commercial for TV, social media and as a radio commercial. Several benefits are mentioned in the commercial these are; peace, calm, focus, acceptance, and recognition of feelings. The third goal is achieved with the use of simple vector artwork. The sounds of the chaos take the place of having to state or type out, what the chaos is. Honking, traffic, phone ringing, keyboards typing, children screaming, dogs barking. All of these sounds are part of a normal, busy daily life. This video informs you that with a yoga practice, you are taught to accept and acknowledge life’s chaos and responsibilities while also taking time for yourself.  Yoga’s emphasis is to recognize the chaos and responsibility and then to accept it, and move on. This practive allows you to focus on you, and calm your mind. Take a breath, evaluate what is actually important in the grander scheme of things. Find balance, strength and calm in all of the chaos.

List of content and Copywrite information:

Included creative commons content summary:
The following content was used to complete the commercial: pool water video clip, beach image, vector artwork of a highway and cars, a workstation area, kids, pets, some pretty yoga-ish styled images, a voice over by me, a fast paced music segment and a slow trance music segment, several effects were used on the images and for the text, as well as several text animations. I also used an opaque inverted mask to partially show the beach behind a teal colored circle, with a yoga image layered on top of it.
Vector artwork was dowloaded from Vecteezy.com and pixabay.
child school and items 3.ai
Free Working Together Vector [Converted].ai

TRAFFIC-CARS [Converted].ai
yoga blue.ai
Yoga logo.ai
yoga meditation for pieces.ai
yoga meditation.ai
Yoga symbols art 1.ai
Yoga symbols art 2.ai
Yoga symbols art.ai
yoga- pixaby art1883321_1920.png

All content used for thisproject fall into Creative Commons Licences.


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