Southern Cross Aviation, a logo animated.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 7.58.12 PMSouthern Cross Aviation (SCA) is THE flight school to go to if you live in southern California.

My design, broken down.

The link to the video:

This purpose of this project is to create and design a logo for the fictitious TV series called “Adventures of Southern Cross Aviation” based on the real-life flight School. The idea behind the series is an action-packed show that gives insight into the lives of flight students turned pilots. Footage is taken from across the board. From newbies to students, to first flight solos, and seasoned pilots who are just keeping current, before heading to the airlines. You get to see first-hand what it takes to run a flight school, maintain planes and how to fly. SCA is THE flight school you want to go to if you live in southern California.

The primary target audience consists of male and female viewers, of any age and background. Mostly what the viewers have in common is their interest in flying, flying lessons, piloting, private piloting and being an airline pilot. They like to travel and or watch shows about travel and flying. Some viewers may not be pilots; yet seek their thrills from the comfort of their armchairs.

The design goals
1) Create a fun logo animation
2) Create a buzz about Southern Cross Aviation (SCA) Flight School
3) Create media that features some of the sounds you might hear while flying a Comanche plane. Capture the thrill of being in the air.

The content I used included sounds of a piper Comanche plane, rock music, the SCA logo, and voiceover of flight weather, or a traffic controller.

The logo animation hits all three main goals. A fun logo animation is created, piece by piece and each part comes in separately. Excitement builds with the use of an air traffic controller and the sound of a Piper Comanche Plane flying through the air. A fade in and a fade out are used for the music so it creates the perfect intro, and end to the logo animation. The upbeat and thrilling rock and roll music, adds the perfect final touch to the animation to get any pilot, student or flight enthusiast’s heart racing.

List of content & Copyright Permissions
In this section, list the content included in the final design. This is my logo and logo animation design for SCA. I am giving my consent for it to be viewed here on my blog. The music and audio used were downloaded from the following site.


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