Roxy the ‘pibble’ a player’s card.

My design, broken down.
A players card “Roxy” the pit bull.

This project was to design a playing card. It has to have a face, and the image must also be inverted and repeated on the top half. It had to be connected in the middle, with specific attention as to how this will esthetically look. 
My client would like to have several playing cards for all of the breed discriminated dogs, that their charity represents. Discrimination of all of the bully breeds in the “pit bull” category, will be the focus for the first set of cards designed. The cards will be sold, as a way to raise awareness and money for their charity that helps to educate the public on breed discrimination.

My target audience includes all pet and dog lovers. Specifically, those that own, or are looking to adopt a breed of dog that gets a bad rap. The organization is called “Miss Understood, a made-up name. This target audience hits an incredibly wide range of pet owners and ‘potential’ pet owners. The income level varies greatly, as dogs are so popular that between 37 and 47 percent of households own a dog; according to the ASPCA. Dog lovers and activists will unite regardless of race, age, sex, income, and education level in support of education in regards to breed discrimination. This is pretty powerful.

1) Create awareness. Breed discrimination is a real thing, and unfortunately, it affects a multitude of animal shelters by keeping furry friends from their forever homes.

2) Educate the public. Break down breed discrimination. With informational bits and facts sprinkled throughout the entire deck. 

3) Create a buzz for the Non-profit organization, Miss Understood. The successful design of player’s cards will lead to donations. And in turn, these donations go towards helping breed-discriminated against, ‘Miss Understood’ pups get a bed, toy, food, water, and ultimately a forever home.

The content I planned to use was an image of a dog, specifically my dog Roxy, a rescue American Staffordshire pit bull terrier, mix breed pup. The client would like a cartoon-ish illustration. Something fun to look while playing card. and one of the suits of cards on one side, and eventually a standard card cover with information, facts, contact info, and further details in an organized, yet creative layout for packaging in a box.

This playing card is a great idea. These cards can be purchased online, in gift shops, donated for giveaways, handed out in the shelter, and are perfect to hand out in lieu of business cards at functions. It will incorporate all of the pertinent information, and necessary contact info on one side and a cute image on the other. It is sure to draw in dog lovers and even the casual puppy enthusiast or card player.

What a perfect conversation starter. Everyone will want to know who? What? Where? When? And why?

In summary, this illustration, which is the first of many cards to come, is going to create a fun and informational buzz that’s sure to inform, educate, captivate and ultimately bring in donations for the Non-profit Miss Understood.

Natasha Archer, 2017.

List of content & Copyright Permissions
I am the original artist, and I give my permission to use this playing card in order to educate, inform or entertain.


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