Coronado Academy of Dance, a brand refreshed and identity package created.

Project Description
The purpose of this project is to establish a specific, cohesive brand, effectively refreshing and rejuvenating Coronado Academy of Dance’s (CAD) current image. This new branding will bring harmony, and consistency to their business. It will say we have been here for 15 years, and we aren’t going anywhere. This branding will let customers know CAD is personal, professional and their dance studio and instructors are the very best at what they do.

The target image is very specific, and generally includes most residents of Coronado, CA in some way or another. The target audience includes dancers (ages two to eighteen), parents and grandparents of dancers and some adult dancers that live on Coronado, the strand and potentially a smaller group of individuals that do not live on-island. This target audience is broken into two groups, locals who are long-term residents and a more transient military population. Both are well educated, well rounded and most likely have a desire for their family members to be exposed to the arts.

The first goal is to establish a very specific and recognizable brand that is friendly, professional, elegant and energetic local dance company. The second goal is to get those identity pieces out there and incorporate them into regular business correspondence. The third goal is to energize, and boost CAD’s reputation, and create a buzz and awareness that current clients will love and want to share with their neighbors and friends.

The content for this project will include the new logo, various attributes, and aspects of the whole logo, to provide an overall cohesive design. The design will include a business card (front and back) an envelope, letterhead, and an invoice. both, of which could be used in a cost-efficient bulk generic windowed envelope. This would save money because no further info would have to be printed on the envelope. The “To:” and “From” would peek through. Also, just for good measure; a few other embellishment ideas were included to fully complete the package. These include a seal for the envelope and a stamp that could be used for notepads, staff and/or client notices, and reminders.

Project Summary
The final design does an excellent job establishing a very specific and recognizable brand. Whether the logo is in full color, black and white or grayscale to the minimalist logo (the crown and ‘CAD’) our target audience will know this is Coronado Academy of Dance. The consistent theme, colors, and placement of the elements are the key in branding the identity of CAD. These elements used alone, or all together in business correspondence on the website, in flyers, and mailers harmoniously present CAD as a friendly and professional local dance company. The colors chosen reinforce CAD as an energetic and modern dance academy. This refreshed branding will create a buzz and excitement that current clients will love and want to share with their friends.

List of content & Copyright Permissions
The fonts used in this design are LillyBell (for Coronado Academy of Dance) and Tall Films Expanded (for the rest of the text.) and both fonts were downloaded from Google I am the designer, and I give my permission for this logo to used so long as it follows the guidelines set forth when the initial logo was agreed upon.


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