bullarky, a volunteer newsletter created for recognition and information.

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The client for this project is Bullarky a non-profit, bully and pit bull breed rescue and rehab organization. The client is in need of a newsletter to send to its volunteers. They would like it to include previous events and adoptions, upcoming events and adoptions, and serve as both a reminder for volunteers to sign up for certain events, while also giving volunteers recognition and attentions they deserve.

The target audience is trifold, with the primary target audience is the organization’s current volunteers. Potential volunteers are the secondary target audience, and donors serve as a third target audience. Volunteers vary drastically in age. From high schoolers trying to earn community service hours for academic purposes, to adults wanting
to contribute to the community and be a part of a bigger cause, to adults who are required to serve in the community, to seniors who are retired and would likely joining this organization as a means to socialize with other people and dogs. Volunteers will vary in personality type, interests and financial background.

The first goal First goal will speak to the current and potential volunteers. Because they will vary in so many ways, it will serve as a way to unify this group in the sense that they all belong, they are all needed, and that their e orts are greatly appreciated.
The second goal speaks to the donors and serves as a way to let them see and read about all of the great things that their money is going towards. It will feature actual pictures of the real dogs they are helping to rehabilitate and ultimately nd their forever homes.
The third goal would serve as a means of communication from the organization’s volunteer coordinator, to the volunteers. This newsletter would be for print, to give volunteers something tangible to look at when deciding how and when they spend their time. It’s meant to be informative, regarding meetings, luncheons, and events that the organization participates.


The proposed content for this newsletter include images of actual volunteers, with actual dogs that are being rehabilitated, and pictures taken at real events the organization attends. The colors are easy on the eyes and give the viewer a sense of organization. This newsletter is full of written gratitude and also serves to coordinate volunteer efforts and communication in fun and interesting ways.

In summary, the publication does an excellent job laying out all of the main goals, while speaking to every target audience. Each page takes visual hierarchy, unity, harmony, balance, space and form into consideration. Every page has primary and secondary bits of information to relay to the reader. With the use of bullet lists, side bars, and framed paragraphs it’s is easy to nd the information you are looking for, and follow the ow of the design just by glancing at the style of the paragraph. For example, there will always be a calendar of events on the first page in the top left, as well as a message from the volunteer coordinator on the bottom right. Other consistent bits will include recent images of pets up for adoption, a “pibble” a.k.a. pitbull, and volunteer of the month, feature stories on volunteers, a list of new volunteers as well as how to contact the volunteer coordinator and when the next volunteer luncheon. It is these key elements, that will show volunteers you are organized, appreciative and willing to recognize every contribution no matter the size.

All of the images for this newsletter were from unsplash.com. Their license says all photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash. The fonts I used were downloaded from Google Fonts at fonts.google.com and are named Love Ya Like a Sister and Adobe’s Helvetica.


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