A creative quote about confidence.

To all of the creatives, this is the philosophy to live by. The sooner we accept and acknowledge that the unknown is just a stepping stone to where we want to be. We can allow ourselves to relax, and let creativity take over. Only then will amazing things happen.

Roxy the ‘pibble’ a player’s card.

Discrimination of all of the bully breeds in the “pit bull” category, will be the focus for the first set of cards designed. The cards will be sold, as a way to raise awareness and money for their charity that helps to educate the public on breed discrimination.

The book cover design for ‘Fantastic Events’ does an amazing job of capturing the attention of women, and men. I actually changed the eye color of the woman in the image, from golden brown to blue, because this was mentioned to me during the research phase. While looking for images, it was noted that blue... Continue Reading →

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